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Telephone Kiosk

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Phone boxes. Situated on high streets and in urban locations across the UK, we can offer direct access to a desirable audience with opportunities at street-level on BT’s 23,000-strong network of phoneboxes.

  • Great sites right in the centre of the UK’s towns and cities
  • 90% of Londoners see StreetTalk ads
  • 45% of all London phoneboxes are in Zones 1 and 2
  • Access to West End entertainment and retail and the Square Mile
  • 72% of Underground stations are within 150m of a phonebox
  • 5,500+ phoneboxes within 75m of CTNs
  • 6,000+ phoneboxes within 75m of banks and building societies
  • 1,800+ phoneboxes within 75m of mobile phone stores
  • 530+ phoneboxes within 75m of UK mainline stations
  • 3,000+ phoneboxes within 75m of entertainment centres, such as cinemas
  • 1,900+ phoneboxes within 75m of chain and independent bookshops