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Rail & Trams

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Rail delivers over 1bn passenger journeys each year; a huge audience that is growing at a rate of more than 10% per annum (ATOC). The rail audience is affluent and influential with 75% ABC1 and 57% Business Decision Makers.

All Train Operating Companies throughout Pakistan have advertising opportunities. Additional outdoor digital formats are available with Transvision – huge LED screens at termini stations, which in partnership with Sky, delivers up to the minute news and weather.
In addition, other advertising opportunities include 4-sheets, 6-sheets, 48-sheets, banners, floor vinyls as well as innovative formats – all built to maximise audience delivery.  This allows for experiential marketing at rail stations; including distribution and exhibition space. Perfect environment for finance ads, publishing and retail advertising.

Escalator Advertising is an innovative media solution that enables messages to be displayed in an escalator step riser.

The unique scrolling display enables a brand to truly connect with the advertiser’s target audience in high density locations – the element of movement clearly draws the eye to the unmissable format.

This extended captive, communication period assists in boosting advertisers campaign awareness as the ‘passenger’ stands, engages with and assimilates the campaign message enroute to the next level.