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In today’s busy town and cities, people are looking for more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective ways of transporting their products and services. If you take parcels, food or other products around cities, work bikes could be exactly what you are looking for.

These robust, all weather, back locking courier bikes, can be branded and customised to your individual company specifications.

With their low maintenance and light chassis, these bikes can be used to carry all types of loads cheaply and efficiently, whatever line of business you are in.

These futuristic courier bikes ensure your company looks more innovative than your competitors. They are able to skip through traffic making any part of town easily accessible.

Themed Bikes

You may wish to customise one of the compact Movingbike quad bikes to promote your business, or to stand out at an event or exhibition. Movingbikes can design and build a bike to your personal specifications.

This is a great opportunity for PR companies wanting to create something different and unique for their clients. Movingbikes can help tailor a bike to your needs and requirements.