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Movingscooters (Adscooters) offer an alternative to the advertising bikes and vans. Like the Movingbikes the Movingscooters can access the very heart of towns and cities through out Pakistan but equally they can operate on the more out of town locations such as retail parks, ring roads etc. The bikes are fitted with a music/PA system and have back lighting for evening/night time promotions.

Each Movingscooter takes 2x 6-sheet posters (bus stop size posters).

Once supplied with the artwork, we can print the posters for you in 48 hours.

The benefits

  • Innovative and eye-catching medium
  • Accessibility to areas of high pedestrian activity
  • Distribution of leaflets/flyers/product samples
  • Nationwide
  • Target competitors business
  • Very cost effective


  • Site store openings
  • Exhibitions/shows
  • Concerts
  • Product launches
  • Recruitment
  • Sports events