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Movingpods are the perfect portable solution for delivering advertising and information in your chosen area.
The flexibility of their positioning makes them an ideal option for placement outdoor or indoor on private property.
The movingpods can be used for a multitude of different purposes – as signage, advertising, information or
just as a navigational tool at an event or show and can be hired for a long or short term.

The benefits

  • Portable and flexible in their use
  • Accessibility to areas of high pedestrian activity
  • Advertising, Information and Directional medium.
  • Nationwide
  • Double sided 6-sheet unit
  • Very cost effective


  • Site store openings
  • Exhibitions/shows
  • Concerts
  • Product launches
  • Recruitment
  • Sports events

Each Movingpod takes 2x 6-sheet posters (bus stop size posters).

Once supplied with the artwork, we can print the posters for you in 48 hours.